Benefits and the Process

GBCSL would like to promote methods and techniques among registered Green Contractors to achieve economical and environmental benefits through followings.

  • Applying 3R concept as Reducing Materials, Reusing Material and Recycling Materials.
  • Minimal Material requirement orders to minimize material wastage
  • Onsite production and reduce the transport cost and environmental damage
  • Construction IAQ management plan before and after construction
  • Developing building user’s guide
  • Reduce site disturbances
  • Fundamental building system commissioning
  • Promote storage and collection of recyclables
  • Introduce construction waste management systems

Benefits of register your company as “Green Contractor”

  • Due to the current trend of going for eco friendly constructions and sustainable development, client organization can easily select the suitable green contractor to the requirement of the projects through GBCSL database.
  • Green contractor registration offers you the opportunity to expose yourself to the construction industry as contractors who practice green building concept
  • Expose yourself to the construction industry as contractors who practice green building concept
  • The grading system according to the ICTAD grading system let the Green Contractor for self development.
  • Open access to new market and target group looking for green concepts through recognized as green constructor in GBCSL and World Green Building Council.
  • Green contractors will be forwarded for tendency.
  • Registration under GBCSL offers a great roadmap for any contractor to achieve high levels of sustainability and environmental stewardship within their own business and their projects and will provide education, awareness and accountability goals as guidelines for the members across the nation.

Categories of “Green Contractors” under GBCSL
Grading of Green Contractors is done according to the approved ICTAD grading system
Registration with GBCSL, make you eligible to apply for “National Green Contractor Award” at the end of each year which will be organized by GBCSL in collaboration with ICTAD.

Eligible criteria
Green Professional should be attached to the permanent staff of the organization. If not we would train one/several nominated professional by the organization as Green Profession freely/ discounted rate according to the grading of the company.

How to Apply
All interested applicants are kindly requested to submit a company profile along with the registration form.

Download the application request form