Who we are...

The Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) is the Sri Lanka’s leading authority on implementing green concept and green building practices.
GBCSL is a consensus-based not for profit organization with diverse and integrated representation from all sectors of the property industry and academia. GBCSL was established in 2009 with a joint effort by the professional institutions of architects, engineers, structural engineers, town planners, quantity surveyors, university academics, construction industry leaders, environmentalists and business leaders. 

The aim of GBCSL is to transform the Sri Lankan construction industry with green building practices and to fully adopt sustainability as the means by which our environment thrives, economy prospers and society grows to ensure the future wellbeing of our motherland. 

World GBC Affiliation

The GBCSL is a member of World Green Building Council , assure the international recognition,  which represents about 80 countries ranging from developed to developing nations. The World Green Building Council has provided us with an important non-political global forum to discuss and promote the sustainable transformation of the global property industry.( http://www.worldgbc.org/index.php?cID=1)

GREENSL®Rating System

A Green Environmental Rating System applicable to Sri Lanka has been formulated as a ‘home-grown system’ with all norms acceptable to leading rating systems, after conducting research projects and workshops for a period of nine months by an Expert Committee of GBCSL. A number of national and international experts with experiences of green building initiatives of India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, which are the fast developing economies in our region, provided their assistance and expertise in the development of the rating system.

The GREENSL® rating System for existing and new buildings encourages owners and operators of buildings to implement sustainable practices and reduce the negative environmental impacts of their buildings over the functional life time.

GREENSL® Labeling System

The Green Labeling System (GREENSL®Labeling System) was developed by the technical committee members of GBCSL together with Building Economics and Management Research Unit (BEMRU) of University of Moratuwa , Department of Production Engineering and Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Peradeniya. GBCSL is the governing body on Sri Lanka, responsible for implementing and maintaining GLS. The governing body comprises of experts in different disciplines, i.e. academic, industrial and commercial associations and environmental groups, who effectively contribute to the functioning of the system.

Education, Training and CPD programs

GBCSL is conducting education, training and professional development programs for the benefit of its membership, stakeholders of the construction industry and the property industry professionals. Associate Professional Training Course, Certificate Course in Green Building Practices and Workshop, Seminars, Symposiums and Conferences are such programs currently conducted by the Board of Education and Training of the GBCSL. 
Green talks are conducting in every month under timely topics by nationally and internationally recognized resource personalities to improve the knowledge of GBCSL members, stakeholders and interest parties on green concept.

GBCSL Memberships

GBCSL Memberships base is drawn from diverse cross-section of academic, industrial and commercial associations and environmental groups which compromise with key players in industry and recognized professionals in various disciplines. These members have banded together to push for greater green synergy in sustainable development.