GREENSL® Rating Process

Developers, building owners, constructors and government agencies would have to submit Pre-Assessment Information Sheet to GBCSL to register their interest in participating in the GBCSL GREENSL® Rating for their buildings. Green Rating Certification is a formal process which involves a project using a Green rating tool to guide the design or construction process during which a documentation-based submission is collated as proof of this achievement. The GBCSL will commission a panel of Certified Assessors to validate that the documentation for all claimed credits is in adherence with the Compliance Requirements as outlined in the ratings document.

Once you submit the application;

  1. GBCSL assessment team will have a preliminary meeting with the project team to brief on the assessment process and criteria
  2. Request for relevant reports and documentary proofs to substantiate the subsequent submissions.
  3. Commence actual assessment which will include design and documentary reviews as well as site verification.
  4. Documentary evidences are to be submitted at the end of the assessment.
  5. Upon completion of the assessment, the Panel of Assessors will make recommendation to the GBCSL Accreditation Board on the level of certification to be awarded to the project.
  6. The GBCSL Accreditation Board after making their own assessment and will recommend to the Board of Directors of the GBCSL to award appropriate level of rating.

Please refer to our publication GREENSL® RATING SYSTEM FOR BUILT ENVIRONMENT for more information. The certification from the GREENSL® Rating System will be awarded according to the following scales;


  Platinum Gold Silver Certified  
  70 points and above 60-69 50-59 40-49  

Download the application form