Our Vision

Our Vision is to transform the construction industry in Sri Lanka with green building practices and to fully adopt sustainability as the means by which our environment flourishes, economy prospers and society grows to ensure the future wellbeing of our Motherland.


Our Mission

The Mission of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka is to develop the sustainability of the built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions, while helping to forge a new partnership between government, industry and other stakeholders.



Our focus is to highlight the effectiveness of green building policies, promote green building practices and sustainable green products in the construction industry, introduce necessary tools to measure the environmental performance of built environment and assist in reducing environmental harmful emissions.

Our objectives are;
  • To promote the construction and use of buildings and other infrastructure those are environmentally responsible, sustainable, efficient, profitable and healthy places to live and work

  • To foster a closer association between people in the building industry and other sectors who are involved in the construction, use and promotion of environmentally responsible buildings

  • To be Sri Lanka’s principal coalition of leaders from the building industry and environmental establishments involved in promoting environmentally responsible buildings and environmentally friendly atmosphere

  • To encourage the dissemination and development of knowledge regarding environmentally responsible building practices in the building and related industries

  • To campaign for the wider recognition of environmentally responsible buildings and lead market transformation of the building industry

  • To publicize environmentally responsible building practices within the building industry and the wider community generally

  • To act as a focal point for information on environmentally responsible building to consumers and the building industry

  • To act as lead partner in research projects into environmentally sustainable building and evaluation metric

  • To support and encourage teaching and research programs aimed at raising the knowledge and skill base of green building practitioners and in particular to actively work to align relevant publicly funded research to the practice/market requirements for innovation and development in green building implementation

  • To participate in public debate on environmental issues within the building industry and green environment issues

  • To campaign, solicit or otherwise obtain funds to be applied towards the above objectives