Product Categories

Most appropriate material/ product criteria have been developed considering their applicability to construction industry.

  Basic Construction Materials
  1. Cement stabilized soil blocks
  2. Burnt bricks
  3. Sundried bricks
  4. Other types of bricks
  5. Asbestos free building materials  
  6. Environmentally preferable concrete and concrete products
  7. Construction framing products and systems
  8. Phosphorus gypsum building materials 
  9. Plastic Water and Sewage Pipe 
  10. Wood-based agglomerated materials and products
  11. Steel products for construction
  12. Portland cement and blends
  13. Blast furnace cement
  14. Other Cement types not listed in xii and xiii 
  15. Porous concrete wall blocks
  16. Framing material and assemblies
  17. Composite Materials (e.g. GFRP)
  18. Chemical Admixtures
  19. Pozzolinic Admixtures (e.g. Flyash, slag and silica fume)
  20. Fiber additions (e.g. Steel, polypropylene)
  21. Other materials not listed above (e.g. Aluminium for building façade frames)


Paints and Coatings
  1. Architectural coatings
  2. Weather shield/ emulsion paints
  3. Enamel paints
  4. Water based wood applications
  5. Titanium paints


  1. Energy-saving doors & windows
  2. Windows and entrance doors
  3. Window films
  4. Wood panels
  5. Other products used in building facades


Roof Materials
  1. Recycled and reclaimed timber 
  2. Roofing tiles/ coverings 
  3. Roofing systems - neoprene latex  
Flooring Materials
  1. Wood based panels and wooden flooring 
  2. Textile floor coverings 
  3. Hard floor coverings


Carpeting Materials
  1. Carpets 


Ceramic and Clay Tiles
  1. Ceramic tiles  
  2. Clay tiles 


Thermal Insulation
  1. Acoustical insulating products
  2. Thermal insulation material made from waste paper 
  3. Lagging and insulating and sound-absorbing materials 
  4. Indoor floor coverings 
  5. Soundproofing products for building floors 
  6. Thermal (resistive-type) building insulations 
  7. Porous concrete, cellular concrete units 
  8. Rubber insulations 


Wall Coverings
  1. Wallpapers
  2. Wallpapers and woodchip wall coverings primarily made of recycled paper
  3. Finishing materials for wall or ceiling other than paints
  4. Vehicle wash installations
  5. Interior lining products
  6. Fiber board from recycled resources 
  7. Gypsum wallboard 
  8. Lightweight wall boards 
  9. Decorative sheets 
  10. Gypsum plasterboard 
  11. Chipboard, fiber board, gypsum board


Adhesives and Sealants
  1. Low-emission sealants for interior use


Electrical Fittings and Appliances
  1. Luminaries
  2. Electric motors
  3. Electric appliances
  1. Civil engineering products -recycled rubber 
  2. Drain and/or grease trap additives - alternative 
  3. Driveway sealers 
  4. Flooring from other virgin wood substitute materials 
  5. Paperboard
  6. Particleboard from agricultural
  7. Restorers
  8. Steel for use in non-structural construction products 
  9. Sanitary ceramics 
  10. CZ pipes, pipe-systems made from plastic materials (polyethylene, polypropylene)
  11. Adsorbents

  1. Storage tanks for rainwater 
  2. Pipes for water works 
  3. Urinals
  4. Precast concrete products  
  5. Plastic pipes/tubes
  6. Molded fiber products
  7. Hard floor, desktop and wall coverings 
  8. Boards made of wood or the like
  9. Built-in wooden products for building
  10. Wood substitutes
  11. Pest control systems
  12.  Other additive manufacturing products (e.g. 3D Printing)
  13. Other Nano-engineered products

Note: GBCSL will be adding other product types when they are introduced to the building practice.